EDC clients are free to choose

We want our clients to enjoy themselves on their terms. They can choose to attend our activity groups or to take advantage of our One2One service.  From producing works of art in a group setting to exploring their interests with a dedicated practitioner, the sky’s the limit!  Handling the snake was a brave move for this client– well done!

Sometimes our clients are familiar with each other from attending group sessions. When they have chosen a One2One session, their practitioners can meet up for browsing, tea, and a chat as part of the days activity.

Find out more about all our services here:  https://bit.ly/3tUbsTa

We have promised to help more people with DEMENTIA in 2024 and are happy to announce the opening of a new ‘Every Day Counts’ activity centre in WRITTLE, Chelmsford.

Click below to read about the opening of our new activity centre this January.