Bio Diversity

The theme at the Bradwell, Braintree Oasis group today was bio diversity and what a colourful theme it turned out to be – just look at the wonderful paintings! 

Later the group played the ‘Missing Lyrics’ challenge where animal names were missing and continued singing songs as a group.  There was also flower bingo games, physical play with a beach ball and a sing-along to finish off the very busy day.

The Sandon Chelmsford Oasis group also carried on the bio-diversity theme and talked about Jonathan the Seychelles giant Tortoise who is 190 years old and the oldest known living land animal!  The group had great fun producing their own interpretation of turtles and tortoises.

We have promised to help more people with DEMENTIA in 2024 and are happy to announce the opening of a new ‘Every Day Counts’ activity centre in WRITTLE, Chelmsford.

Click below to read about the opening of our new activity centre this January.