Entertainment at Sandon and Springfield

Our Sandon, Chelmsford, ‘Every Day Counts’ group enjoyed a session of entertainment. ‘Music and Movement’ provides both sensory stimulation and exercise.  Different textures and items such as pom poms  are used to create a fun theme.  Music and singing both help with creative expression and stimulation.

Our clients from  the ‘Every Day Counts’ Springfield group were quick to show off their moves during the entertainment yesterday.  Both clients and practitioners had a jolly time dancing and singing along to the music.

Music can help a person to connect with the past by evoking memories, feelings, and emotions they might otherwise find hard to express.  They might find it easier to recall memories when they hear music  that is significant to them.  It could be a favourite song from the past  or perhaps a song they had sung to their children.

We have promised to help more people with DEMENTIA in 2024 and are happy to announce the opening of a new ‘Every Day Counts’ activity centre in WRITTLE, Chelmsford.

Click below to read about the opening of our new activity centre this January.