EDC invited to 10 Downing Street

Essex Dementia Care was invited to attend a reception at 10 Downing Street on Wednesday 20th March 2024 for the Dame Barbara Windsor Dementia Mission.

At the reception attended by charities, academics, investors, business leaders and people with lived experience, a package of dementia focused announcements were made and this included:

  • The announcement that Scott Mitchell, husband of the late Dame Barbara Windsor was formally named People’s Champion for the national mission to beat dementia founded in her memory.  
  • Six million pounds in funding to boost clinical trials and innovation.
  • The launch of the Neurodegeneration initiative, being set up to provide the tools to speed up and boost the number of dementia clinical trials.

Hilary Evans, Co-Chair of the Dame Barbara Windsor Dementia Mission and Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Research UK, said:

“The Dame Barbara Windsor Dementia Mission is grounded in collaboration across the whole dementia landscape, from researchers to regulatory bodies, and of course the NHS. But we must go further to save people from the heartbreak of dementia sooner. I’m delighted that Scott will be taking on the role of People’s Champion, his support is essential to the Mission being a powerful driving force for change, and people with dementia deserve no less.

“New treatments for Alzheimer’s disease – the leading cause of dementia – are finally on the horizon, we are now in the strongest position yet to bring an end to the devastation this condition inflicts on people and society. Now we must keep up this momentum and ensure the UK is at the forefront of tackling dementia for years to come.”

Kelly Bleasdale, Senior Manager for Essex Dementia Care represented the charity at the event and said:

“The team at EDC believes that ‘Life Does Not Stop’ with dementia and it is a real privilege to be invited to work with the government on The Dame Barbara Windsor Dementia Mission.

“It was a wonderful event and I met some great people and a number of Charities like EDC that are doing fantastic work in other areas of the country.

“Alzheimer’s Research UK are working really hard to develop new drugs to slow the progression and I really hope that one day they have a cure.

“I was very fortunate to have a five minute conversation with Scott Mitchell, he seems to really understand the needs of people living with dementia and wants to work with the government to make a change.  This was a great experience and I was very proud  to be part of it.  We look forward to working with others to increase awareness.”

To get in touch with the Mission, or Scott Mitchell in his capacity as People’s Champion, please contact dementiamission@officeforlifesciences.gov.uk.

We have promised to help more people with DEMENTIA in 2024 and are happy to announce the opening of a new ‘Every Day Counts’ activity centre in WRITTLE, Chelmsford.

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