How we can help

There can be no denying that dementia changes lives. In its earliest stages it can affect the way a person works, how they socialise, the activities they enjoy and even the way they interact with their loved ones.

Dealing with this change can lead to a huge loss in self confidence as people find themselves struggling to do things that they had previously taken for granted. But life doesn’t have to stop with dementia, as with all things you simply have to adapt and that is where Essex Dementia Care can help. We understand the effect that dementia in any stage can have on your life, but with the right support you can continue to enjoy the quality of life you and your loved ones are accustomed to. Through One2One care and the communal environment of our activity centres, EDC can offer support, friendship and guidance as you adapt to these changes.


The Oasis Centres

Learn more about The Oasis Centres that provide activities for those with dementia.

One2One Support

We can offer One2One support for those at any stage of dementia.

Every Day Counts

We know the importance of living life to the full and high-quality interactions.

What that means in practice is that whatever you like doing, you now have friends to do it with. If you need some help, that’s ready to hand and if you need some new ideas, there are plenty of those around too. If you like messing about in boats, we’re never far from the water in this part of Essex. If you’re a walker, we know dozens of great walks all over the county; our boots are in the car and often so is the dog for good measure. If you’re a gardener, we can dig and dead-head with the best of them. If you’re a computer whizz, perhaps you can teach us a thing or two? Anything goes! We are always active and you can see evidence of that throughout the rest of this site.  Remember, you are not alone. With EDC you are part of a wide community of people living with dementia.